A Guide To Income Tax Refund Loans

Tax refund loans can serve as a lifeline for people who need immediate access to cash but are waiting for their tax refunds to be processed. Learn how they work and the pros and cons if you decide to get one.

Taxpayers Could Face Financial Penalties For Following Bad Advice, IRS Warns

Tax officials said that they have ongoing concerns about matters that led to some taxpayers filing inflated claims for refunds during the past tax season. The three most common scams or inaccurate advice relate to the Fuel Tax Credit, the Sick and Family Leave Credit and household employment taxes.

New Retirement Rule Will Help Protect Retirement Savings Of Americans Already Struggling To Save

America’s workers and their families rely on investment professionals for guidance as they save for retirement. The Retirement Security Rule that takes effect on September 23, 2024 will protect retirement investors from improper investment recommendations and harmful conflicts of interest.

Biden Tax Increases Won’t Hit Middle Class, Treasury Secretary Yellen Says

Republicans just pressed the Treasury Secretary on President Biden’s tax proposals and the fate of the Trump tax cuts that will expire in 2025. Lawmakers are girding for a legislative battle over which ones — if any — will be extended next year.

New FAFSA Rules Opened Up A ‘Grandparent Loophole’ That Boosts 529 Plans

Beginning with the new 2024-25 FAFSA launched late last year, a student’s total income is only based on data from federal income tax returns.  That means any cash support, no matter the source, won’t negatively affect financial aid eligibility. And though it’s called the “grandparent loophole,” any nonparent, including friends and relatives, can use it.