A Tax Planning Roadmap For Four Life Events

While taxes may not be on your mind while experiencing big life events such as marriage, buying a house, having children, and divorce, all four can impact tax planning by changing income, tax filing status and eligibility for various tax breaks.

Great Savers Could Face A ‘Tax Time Bomb’ In Retirement, Advisor Says — Here’s How To Avoid It

Starting in 2023, Secure 2.0, a $1.7 trillion legislative package signed by President Joe Biden in December 2022, raised the age that savers must start taking required minimum distributions, or RMDs, to 73. RMDs are typically tied to pre-tax retirement accounts, which incur regular income taxes for withdrawals. Those RMDs could push some retirees into a higher tax bracket.

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The Biden Administration Finalized A Controversial New Retirement Rule — Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know Now

The Biden Administration has stepped in to give investors more protection from conflicts of interest. The recently finalized Retirement Security Rule is aimed at ensuring financial professionals actually work for the clients they serve. This rule isn’t without controversy, though, as some argue it could actually make getting help harder.