CFO and Controller Services

Business owners often ask the question “How large should I be before I hire a CFO?”

Hiring a CFO or Controller is not always about size. Companies have many areas of their business that an experienced financial professional can assist with, regardless of size. When companies have a lack of experience in their accounting department, the owner is generally tasked with the responsibilities of maintaining banking relationships, managing insurance coverage, and analyzing financial statements instead of doing what they do best – building their business.

Business owners excel when they are able to focus on customers, products, and new opportunities. Even a small business may require lines of credit, insurance, and financial reporting. Utilizing a CFO on a fractional basis will allow you to continue focusing on building your business, knowing that these responsibilities are in good hands. Our Fractional CFO Service can handle many areas of your business, including:

  • Manage Banking Relationships – including obtaining new or increased financing
  • Cash Flow Projections – Cash flow affects every part of your business.  Providing cash flow projections allows businesses to have the confidence to take advantage of opportunities, or take action to avoid potential hazards
  • Financial Reporting – If you get surprises when looking at monthly financial statements, you can use help in this area. Management should get timely financials to help them understand their Company’s performance
  • Audit Preparation – Handle year end audit preparation for business that are required to provide audited financial statements to stakeholders
  • Risk Management – Ensure insurance coverage that is appropriate for your business needs, and work to make sure you have adequate coverage

Projects we have helped clients execute include:

  • Obtaining $13.5 million credit facility, including borrowing on foreign receivables
  • Acquisition of a 20-acre industrial complex
  • Worked with ownership on numerous business sales
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