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Tax Credit vs. Deduction: What’s The Difference And Which Is Better?

Which is better, a tax credit or a tax deduction? The secret is in leveraging both to ease your tax burden. Before you start stumbling through your tax return, clear up any misconceptions about the differences and how both work to lower your tax liability and your tax rate in different ways.

How You Can Avoid A Tax Refund Shock Next Year

One way Americans can avoid being caught off guard next tax season is by conducting a thorough review of their tax return alongside a mid-year review of their income so far in 2023. Undergoing a mid-year assessment can help taxpayers estimate how much they will receive in tax refunds or what sort of balance they will owe next tax season.

6 Tax Changes To Know Before Filing Your 2022 IRS Return

This is the first year since the pandemic when financial relief has slowed down, so many tax credits and deductions are reverting back to where they were in years prior. But there are also shifts in the standard deduction amounts and income tax brackets, which happen annually. For six of the most important changes to be aware of before you file your 2022 return, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

‘A Lot Of People Are Going To See Less Money In Their Pocket.’ Here Are Must-Know Tax Changes For 2022

With many Americans facing reduced tax breaks, it’s important to be proactive with year-end planning before the calendar winds down. For some of the biggest changes taxpayers need to know, according to financial experts, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Tax Benefits 2022: What Are The Benefits That Are Reversing The Tax Rules?

To better understand how the main tax advantages will alter over the upcoming tax season, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Are Done, But You Might Still Be Owed More: Here’s How To Find Out

With no deal to extend these temporary advance tax credit payments into 2022, American parents have likely received their last monthly Child Tax Credit payment. But there still may be money to claim this tax season. For everything you need to know about reporting your advance payments and how to claim the rest of the Child Tax Credit, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE