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Tax Refund 2024 Payment: How Much Could The IRS Payment Increase This Year?

Many Americans are wondering what changes they can expect in their tax refund checks for 2024, especially after the unexpected reduction in refunds due to the expiration of pandemic-era federal benefits last year. The good news is that taxpayers might be in for a pleasant surprise this year, with the potential for larger refunds.

When Does The IRS Start Processing Tax Returns With Child Tax Credit?

For those eagerly awaiting their tax returns, understanding the processing timelines is crucial. The IRS provides valuable information to address common queries and concerns in return processing, especially when claiming the Child Tax Credit.
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IRS Says You Can Still Claim One Type of Stimulus Money This Tax Filing Season

The stimulus relief authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act that the IRS explained is still available in 2022 relates to a specific kind of tax credit that was expanded by the COVID-19 legislation. Taxpayers may still qualify for temporarily expanded eligibility of the Premium Tax Credit.
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3 IRS Deductions You Can’t Take This Year, Experts Warn

Before you file, you'll want to be aware of any changes for the 2023 tax season. Experts warn that there are a few key deductions you can't take this year—which could affect what your refund adds up to. There are also a few updates to tax credits as well. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE
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Tax Benefits 2022: What Are The Benefits That Are Reversing The Tax Rules?

To better understand how the main tax advantages will alter over the upcoming tax season, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE
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Romney Child Tax Credit Proposal Could Be A Lifeline — But It Has Some Big Flaws

Dubbed the The Family Security Act 2.0, Senator Mitt Romney is eager to bring the boosted Child Tax Credit back to life. But while his proposal is a positive one in nature, it has a couple of major flaws. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE