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70% Of Americans Think A Recession Is Coming: Here’s What They Are Doing To Prepare

While experts debate whether a recession will happen or when, most people are already convinced we’re headed for a downturn, a recent survey finds. High inflation is one of the biggest risk factors that make people think an economic decline is coming. For steps you can take to reduce your costs, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Two Financial Lessons We Should All Learn From The Pandemic

Researchers and experts have pointed out financial issues to Americans consistently for decades. What makes these two lessons particularly potent now is their urgency and the unique opportunity provided by the Coronavirus pandemic to act on them and reduce financial vulnerability. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

13 Steps To Take If You’ve Lost Your Job Due To The Coronavirus Crisis

If you’ve faced job loss because of the coronavirus, here are 13 steps you should consider taking to help lessen the financial blow and prepare you to bounce back once the economy recovers. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Financial Advisor Suze Orman: “Here’s What You Should Do With Your Tax Refund”

Suze Orman has some ideas on how you can put a tax refund to good use by putting at least a portion of it toward building financial security. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Is A 401k Loan Ever A Good Idea?

If you need to borrow money to improve a long-term financial situation, and the cost is better than any alternative loan options, a 401k loan may be a option to consider. But before you decide, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR A FEW THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW