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The IRS Is Getting A Lot More Money For Audits. Should You Be Worried?

Congress is pouring a whopping $80 billion into the IRS over the next 10 years to beef up the nation’s tax collection system. Does this mean the tax cops are more likely to be on your tail? In fact, it might make the whole business of paying your taxes easier and better, maybe even reduce the amount all of us have to pay. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Here’s What’s Ahead For President-Elect Biden’s Tax Plan

President-elect Biden campaigned on a series of sweeping changes to the tax code, aiming to levy higher taxes on high-income households and corporations. But there’s no guarantee his tax plan will come to fruition intact. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Test Your Tax IQ Before The Presidential Election

With the November election approaching, now is a good time to evaluate the candidates’ positions on taxes. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE