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Student Loan Forgiveness Email Scams: How To Detect It And Avoid It?

From suspicious calls to deceptive emails and text messages, student loan forgiveness scams can come in various forms. There are ways, however, you can identify and avoid these scams along with steps to take if you believe you've been targeted.

Avoid Investment Scams By Watching For These Eight Red Flags

While most of us would like to believe we would never fall for a scam, every day fraudsters get more highly sophisticated, and no one is entirely immune. To reduce the likelihood of losing money to online thieves, look out for warning signs like these eight red flags commonly associated with investment scams. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

How To Protect Yourself From The Next Equifax Financial Scam

Financial scammers want to cash in on the financial tragedy of 143 million people having their personal information compromised. To protect yourself and your personal information, here's what you need to know. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

South Florida Ranks Among Top Metros Nationwide For Identity Theft

According to a new report from the Federal Trade Commission. South Florida is a hotspot for identify theft, ranking second in the nation for complaints per capita and No. 33 for fraud and other consumer complaints across the country. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

IRS Warns Taxpayers To Guard Against New Tricks By Scam Artists; Losses Top $20 Million

These schemes — which can occur over the phone, in e-mails or through letters — try to trick taxpayers into providing personal financial information or scare people into making a false tax payment . For five things scammers often do that the IRS would never do, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE