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‘Don’t Ever Do These 10 Things With Your Money’, Says Dave Ramsey

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Less Than 3 Percent Of Americans Can Pass This Six-Question Money Quiz

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Six Types Of People Who Have Trouble With Money

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An NFL Player Was Too Generous With His Family — And It Cost Him

Over the course of his 10-year NFL career, Phillip Buchanon earned $20 million. But just two years after his retirement, he was “at least half a million dollars in the hole” from bad investments, excessive generosity with family and poor money management skills. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Test Your Financial Knowledge With A Simple 3-Question Quiz That Stumped Most American College Graduates

If you’ve been taught about personal finance, the answers to the quiz will probably come easy to you. But the majority of surveyed Americans (55.7%) with college degrees didn’t get them all right. To take this quiz stumper, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE