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How To Turn Stock Losses Into Tax Savings, And Other Ways To Trim Your Tax Bill

There’s not much you can do to stop interest rates from climbing or stocks from falling. Still, you may have more control than you realize when it comes to another financial pain point that can significantly impact your budget — your taxes. For several moves to consider to improve your chances of tax savings, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Finances. And Why It Matters Now.

As parents age, there’s a need to ensure they are on solid financial footing. It’s also important to know what resources you might expect to inherit someday for your own planning purposes. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Seven December Moves To Save On 2020 Taxes

If you are the average American, tax considerations and financial adjustments are pretty low on your holiday to-do list. But if you enjoy saving money, are diligent in seeking ways to save, and excellent at following through with your plans, here are seven potential money-saving tips to take to save on this year's taxes. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Sixty-Eight Percent Of Baby Boomers Are Taking This Huge Retirement Risk

Working a few years longer than you'd planned (or skipping retirement altogether) can be a good way to ensure you don't outlive your savings. However, this plan assumes you'll be able to continue working for as long as you'd like, which is a luxury not everyone has. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

4 Important Tax Items Every Retiree Should Know About

Many people think that when they get to retirement, they’ll be in a lower tax bracket. But retirement can be confusing and trickier. To reduce stress and make that hard-earned retirement more enjoyable, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR FOUR FUNDAMENTAL AREAS TO KNOW

What Hurricane Irma Can Teach About Financial Planning

Whether facing a hurricane, saving to buy a home or investing for a comfortable retirement, it’s vital to plan ahead, rather than get caught up in events. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE