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IRS Offers Pandemic-Related Relief On Some Penalties To Nearly 5 Million Taxpayers

Nearly 70% of the individual taxpayers receiving penalty relief have income under $100,000 per year, The IRS said only those who owed less than $100,000 in back taxes for specific tax years 2020 and 2021 would see such relief.

Knock-Knock: The Delivery Scam That May Be Coming To Your Front Door This Holiday Season

Many scams crop up during the holidays, and scammers are putting a new and brazen spin on the skimming scheme. For consumer advice from the Better Business Bureau for this holiday season, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

IRS Warns Taxpayers To Guard Against New Tricks By Scam Artists; Losses Top $20 Million

These schemes — which can occur over the phone, in e-mails or through letters — try to trick taxpayers into providing personal financial information or scare people into making a false tax payment . For five things scammers often do that the IRS would never do, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE