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IRS Offers Way Out For Businesses Worried About Employee Retention Credit Audits

The IRS announced Oct. 19 that it has officially created a special withdrawal process for businesses that have submitted an ERC application but have yet to receive any money. The goal is to offer small-business owners a way out if they now feel they had been tricked or pressured into filing a misleading or ineligible claim.

The IRS May Charge a Penalty If You Fall Into One Of These Seven Categories

The best way to avoid IRS penalties is to know what gets penalized. Steer clear of these seven issues -- and the penalties that go with them. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Three Scams To Watch Out For This Tax Season

Tax-related identity theft is primarily aimed at grabbing your tax refund, and scammers are creative, sophisticated, persistent, and move very quickly once your information is at hand. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR SOME THINGS TO BEAR IN MIND WITH TAX SEASON UPON US