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When Does The IRS Start Processing Tax Returns With Child Tax Credit?

For those eagerly awaiting their tax returns, understanding the processing timelines is crucial. The IRS provides valuable information to address common queries and concerns in return processing, especially when claiming the Child Tax Credit.

Four Reasons To Get Tax Help This Year

As a general rule, it's a good idea to outsource tax preparation if your taxes are complicated. But even if you're a salaried worker with little to no outside income, it could still pay to hire someone if doing so gives you peace of mind. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Protect Your Tax Refund From Scammers

Impersonation communication and fake tax preparers — scammers are after your money this tax season. For tips to safeguard your refund, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Everything You Need To Know About When To File Your 2021 Tax Return With The IRS

For many, returns will be more complex because of job or residency changes, stimulus payments, child tax credits, unemployment insurance claims or other COVID-driven factors. This year, however, the IRS is getting closer to its typical due date. For what you need to know about filing your 2021 tax return, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE