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Answers To 15 Common Tax Questions

This is the time of the year people are searching for free tax help they can trust, trying to squeeze out more valuable deductions, hoping to avoid penalties or audits, eagerly awaiting their refunds or wanting to make sure they aren’t victims of tax scams. Read on for answers to the most common tax questions.

2021 Standard Deductions Are Better Than Ever!

To give you a head start, here's something that will make you feel good about your tax return: Standard deductions are increasing for 2021! CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Smaller Tax Refund This Year? Here Is Why, And How To Fix It Next Time

Millions of Americans are finding their refunds are smaller this year. For the three reasons why, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Six Occasions When You Need To Hire A Pro To Do Your Taxes

While there are some great online tax-preparation tools that enable DIYers to prepare a tax return efficiently and cheaply, sometimes life throws you into 1040 Not-So-EZ territory. For six scenarios to consider an expert reinforcement. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE