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Social Security Administration Making Substantial COLA Increase In 2023, But Is It Enough For Retirees?

The COLA Social Security 8.7% adjustment for 2023 is the highest increase in decades. But some still worry that it may not be enough. While the increase is historic and needed, it is also inadequate for millions of older Americans who face skyrocketing housing and health care costs across the country. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Thanks To The Coronavirus, There’s A New Barrier To Retirement Savings

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown another wrench into saving for retirement: millions of parents across the country have been left without good child care options. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

One Smart Reason To Claim Social Security Early If You Lose Your Job

If you're close to retirement age, losing your job could wreck your retirement plans. But if worse comes to worse and you find yourself unemployed later in life, there's one good reason to consider claiming Social Security benefits as early as possible. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE