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70% Of Americans Think A Recession Is Coming: Here’s What They Are Doing To Prepare

While experts debate whether a recession will happen or when, most people are already convinced we’re headed for a downturn, a recent survey finds. High inflation is one of the biggest risk factors that make people think an economic decline is coming. For steps you can take to reduce your costs, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Will There Be A Recession In 2022? How To Prepare Now

With mounting anxiety about an impending recession in the US, you may be concerned, or at least a little curious, about what this may mean for your finances. So how do you best prepare, save, invest and generally make smart money moves in these uncertain times? For some guidance to help navigate through this difficult financial period, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

16 Genius Things Mark Cuban Says To Do With Your Money

Mark Cuban knows how to be rich and successful, and he isn’t afraid to share his insight. Check out his advice, so you can learn what to do with your money and think like a billionaire. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Miami Economist Sees An 80% Probability Of A Recession In 2020

Inconsistent with the present economics paradigm, a Miami economist studied calendar anomalies to predict the chance of a recession in the next 12 months. Instead of a Wharton Ph.D., he only needed a phone’s calendar app. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

This Is Americans’ No. 1 Financial Regret

It's hard to go through life without any regrets, but don't let yours stem from a lack of action. For the No. 1 financial regret Americans are most likely to kick themselves over, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Is Buying A House A Better Investment Than The Stock Market? The Answer Is Clear When You Do The Math

Houses vs. stocks; here's how two of the most important financial markets for ordinary Americans have evolved over the past three decades. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE