Trying To Manage Your Budget And Bills? There’s An App For That

SmartPhoneFinancialAppsWhen was the last time you sat down to balance your checkbook and pay your bills?

In today’s world we’re always on the go. To work, to games, to visit family. That’s why it’s time to use the smartphone that’s always in your hand to manage your money.

There are many great personal finance apps that can help you get organized, create a budget and pay bills on time. Best of all, these apps are free for their basic versions.


Here’s a few favorites:

The All-Around Organizer

Mint brings all your accounts together in one spot. This app displays your checking, savings and brokerage accounts in one place, so you always know how much money you have. It also analyzes your spending habits and makes suggestions on how to save.

The Spending Tracker

Wally is your personal expense tracker. Just as your employer requires you to log expenses for a business trip, Wally will do the same for your personal spending. You can upload purchases by taking a picture of your receipt or by typing it in manually. Wally will keep a running tally and categorize items so you get a clear picture of where your money is going.

The Budget Balancer

Level Money is worth investigating especially if you have a tough time sticking to a plan. This tool looks at your income versus recurring expenses and then shows you what you can spend today, this week or this month.

The Kid-Friendly Money Manager

For all the moms who want their kids to do their chores iAllowance may be for you. The app acts like a virtual piggy bank, allowing your children to track their chores and earn financial rewards. In addition to having a clean bedroom, your kids will also learn about the importance of saving.

CNBC‘s Sharon Epperson breaks down some of the best apps to help organize your finances and keep the information at your fingertips using your smartphone. Click here to view video.


Source: CNBC