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Florida’s ‘Holiday Money Hunt’ Awareness Campaign Wants To Help You Find Unclaimed Money For The Holidays

The 'Holiday Money Hunt' is a public awareness campaign meant to help Florida families potentially find some extra money they may not have known was owed to them in time for the holiday season. According to a release from Florida's Chief Financial Officer, the state has about $2.9 billion in unclaimed property ready to be found by unknowing residents. Find out how to check if that money belongs to you.

Less Than 3 Percent Of Americans Can Pass This Six-Question Money Quiz

The results of surveys and retirement IQ tests show Americans lack financial literacy. Test your own knowledge with a six-question money quiz, that less than 3 percent of respondents passed. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Personal Information

While people are getting better at recognizing scams and information hacking, taking preventive measures can help avoid unfortunate problems in the future. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR TOP 5 WAYS TO AVOID SECURITY BREACHES

6 Places You’re Paying More In Fees Than You Have To

Those pesky fees lurking everywhere — on your credit card statement, in your 401(k) — and can sneak up on even the most careful spender. For some places to scour for fees and bid them a fond farewell, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

How to Survive Your First IRS Audit

Since most taxpayers are intimidated by the IRS and don’t want to deal with it, this is where the tax preparer earns his stripes, by swooping in to save the day. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

5 Money Moves Every College Senior Should Make Before Graduation

Hello, real world! The countdown to college graduation is on! To help tackle some adult responsibilities, here are five money moves to do before graduation. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE