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What The Restart Of Student Loan Payments Means For Your Taxes

Student loan borrowers bummed out by the resumption of their bills this fall may be eligible for a break on their 2023 taxes. The student loan interest deduction allows qualifying borrowers to deduct up to $2,500 a year in interest paid on eligible private or federal education debt.

Here’s A Silver Lining To Coronavirus, And It Could Put Money In Your Pocket

The burning desire to redo mortgages had already been high since the first of the year, as falling interest rates moved them to revise their repayment terms — downward. Now, the Federal Reserve just announced an emergency interest rate cut designed to curb the economic damage from the burgeoning coronavirus. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

How To Handle Financial Conversations At The Thanksgiving Table

One awkward topic that often comes up at family events is money. For some good strategies for handling financial conversations during holiday get-togethers, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

6 Warning Signs An Investment Is Too Good To Be True

Investment fraud isn't uncommon. And while it's not always easy to spot, there are some telltale warning signs that an investment is too good to be true. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR SIX RED FLAGS TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR

This Is How You Know You’re Living Above Your Means

One might think they are doing okay if their bank account balances every month. But to know whether you’re living above your means, you have to add a lot more to the equation at any income level. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

After Fed Rate Hike, Americans Could Pay $2.2 Billion More On Credit-Card Debt

As many economists had expected, the Federal Reserve just raised its benchmark federal funds rate by a quarter-percentage point. But what consumers might not have expected: their credit-card bill is going up, too. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE