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Four Must-Dos Before Tax Season Wraps Up

It’s gratifying to close the books on tax season. But before you do, there are just few things you might want to take care of while you’re still on the tax zone.

4 Big Tax Breaks You May Lose Under GOP Tax Plan

There are tax benefits that are on the chopping block to help fund what businesses and individuals pay to Uncle Sam. FOR THE TOP 4 BREAKS THAT POTENTIALLY MAY BE LOST, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Watch Out For Charity Scams After Orlando Tragedy

The Better Business Bureau encourages people to be safe online and to be aware of a few other things before making a donation. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

4 Financial Mistakes Even Smart People Make

It’s not always easy to apply financial information to your unique situation. Even the best and brightest can’t possibly know everything. Here are four common "smart people" money mistakes that you can correct or completely avoid, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE