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12 Tax Deductions That Have Disappeared

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was touted as the largest tax overhaul in 30 years and a mixed bag for some households. Here are 12 tax deductions that disappeared and won't be available this spring: CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

19 Most Popular Tax Deductions For 2019

Although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act limited itemized deductions and doubled the standard deduction, don't assume that the standard deduction works for you. Make sure to check all available deductions. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FORE MORE

Tax Plan From Republicans Outlines 5 Sweeping Changes For Individuals

The GOP plan will affect Americans across the board, with big changes for certain tax breaks and the outright elimination of others. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

4 Big Tax Breaks You May Lose Under GOP Tax Plan

There are tax benefits that are on the chopping block to help fund what businesses and individuals pay to Uncle Sam. FOR THE TOP 4 BREAKS THAT POTENTIALLY MAY BE LOST, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

These Are the 10 Most Important Tax Forms

There are over over 900 tax forms on the IRS’s website. Luckily you don’t need to care about the majority of them, but there are 10 major forms you should know about before you file. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

A Homeowner’s 2015 Tax Checklist

With so many homeowner deductions it can be difficult to tackle without a checklist. For the tax issues most homeowners encounter on an annual basis. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE