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6 Signs You Probably Need A Financial Adviser, Even If You Think You Don’t

Not only can having a financial adviser help you figure out your goals and how to reach them, but they can help talk you off the ledge when you're on the verge of making a poor financial decision. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

What Prince Can Teach You About Personal Finance

Leaving relatives to scramble over his reported $300 million fortune. Prince didn't have a will just like 55% of American adults. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

How To Negotiate Your Medical Bills

Medical bills are often negotiable and in some cases, you might be overcharged due to errors. To help you avoid paying unnecessary medical expenses, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR CUTTING-COST STRATEGIES FROM THREE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS

Six Occasions When You Need To Hire A Pro To Do Your Taxes

While there are some great online tax-preparation tools that enable DIYers to prepare a tax return efficiently and cheaply, sometimes life throws you into 1040 Not-So-EZ territory. For six scenarios to consider an expert reinforcement. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

Should You Buy, Finance, Or Lease Your New Car?

Should you buy a new car, or lease? And if you need financing, where should you seek a loan? For tips and tricks from car dealers, loan officers and auto experts to help you decide, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

NBA All-Star Allen Iverson Goes Broke: 3 Timeless Money Lessons For You

How did one of the top players in the NBA burn through so much of his fortune in such a short time? For the key reasons Iverson lost control of his finances and the lessons we can learn from those missteps, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE