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15 Self-Employment Tax Deductions

Finding out you owe $10,000 in taxes instead of $15,000 is a big win, but not if you don't have anywhere close to $10,000 set aside. While self-employment tax deductions can save you money, don't expect them to wipe out your tax bill completely, Once you've made a habit of setting aside money for taxes, you can keep more of it in the bank. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

5 Debts You Should Pay Off Now — Or Later

Most people get through life by borrowing money, but there's good debt and there's bad debt. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR GUIDELINES TO HELP YOU PRIORITIZE YOUR DEBTS

7 Steps to Understanding the Affordable Care Act This Tax Season

As we head into tax season here are tips and advice about ACA law and its requirements. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE