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Eight Types Of Personal Loans And Their Uses — Plus Five To Avoid

There are several types of personal loans to choose from. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Before applying, understand how personal loans work and what to expect.

What The Restart Of Student Loan Payments Means For Your Taxes

Student loan borrowers bummed out by the resumption of their bills this fall may be eligible for a break on their 2023 taxes. The student loan interest deduction allows qualifying borrowers to deduct up to $2,500 a year in interest paid on eligible private or federal education debt.

Child Tax Credit: Advocates Propose New Way To Expand Monthly Payments For Parents

CTC legislation wasn't renewed in 2022, which means that eligible households have not received payments this year. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported that making the expanded CTC permanent would reduce childhood poverty, but lawmakers haven't yet continued the expanded credit. To make up for the lack in federal benefits, CBPP policy analysts are urging state governments to create their own child tax credits. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Personal Loans For Small Business: What To Know

Personal loans are a quick and flexible way to pay for your business’s financial needs, including payroll, inventory and vendor expenses. But there are downsides to them. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Thinking of Raiding Your Retirement Plan Because of COVID-19? Here Are 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t.

Under the CARES Act, you can now withdraw up to $100,000 from your retirement plan penalty-free if you've been negatively affected by COVID-19. But here are three reasons it's unwise to go that route. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

How Your Money Might Be Affected If The Fed Cuts Interest Rates

How would a rate cut — the first since 2008 — impact the average consumer? While it’s hard to predict, generally, a rate cut is good for borrowers, bad for savers, and mixed for investors. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE